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Live Events

Our Crowd Can Be Your Crowd

Expand awareness of your brand by getting in front of enthusiastic fans. We take part in many area events, as well as hosting our own. From concerts to sporting events, your brand can gain exposure by working with us.


Attach your brand to some of the top concerts in and around Eau Claire.

Bus Trip Sponsors

Connect with music and sports fans by sponsoring a bus trip. We travel to see top musicians as well as national sports teams.

Station Promotions

Connect with our highly engaged listeners at one of our many station promotions. At Mid-West Family Eau Claire, we show up as a team, with all stations supporting one another.

Large Events

Sponsor some of the most popular events in/around Eau Claire and elevate the level of your brand.


Our on-air personalities can come to you, hosting or appearing at an event for your business.

Live Mentions

Our listeners personally connect with our on-air talent. Having your brand mentioned by one of them helps influence listeners towards your products and services.

Learn More About Event Sponsorships

Would you like to associate your brand with some of the most popular events, concerts, and influencers in Wisconsin?